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Abstract Painting

After I moved to Topeka, reality sort of became real! I suspected that I would find that I have more time on my hands.....a lot more. The possibility of continuing with making stained glass had pretty much faded from the picture, mostly due to the absence of an adequate place to work. Making stained glass requires a large flat surface, a nearby source of running water and good overhead light. After moving to Darrah Tower, I had none of these. Oh.... Don't get me wrong. I have running water....and electricity....and a large flat surface, if we count my dining room table. It is that none of these requirements are in the right place. So, continuing to make stained glass was pretty much out of the picture. Even when I was living in Ozawkie, I drove to Holton to the Holton High School art room when I wanted to work on stained glass. When my friend, Judy Swisher, retired, the teacher who replaced her was not particularly interested in stained glass. Thus, most, if not all, the equipment needed in the construction of stained glass was done away with. I had....and still have....all the necessary equipment. I gradually bought everything I needed for cutting, grinding, soldering.... It is all stored in the basement.....just waiting. All I need to do is buy some glass.... However, we come back to the question: Where can I do it?

Beryl Painting
Beryl Painting

For quite a while....a few years, in fact.....I had thought about taking up painting....abstract painting, to be more specific. But, like many things I think about....that is all they are....just thoughts. Step by step, however, I gradually built up my desire....and, most of all, my courage....and bought a set of acrylic paints....and a set of brushes. Actually, they all sat on a shelf....unopened and unused.... for more months than I care to remember. The next step was figuring out what to paint on. Canvass didn't seem to be an economically wise option.....since canvass is relatively expensive and since I had no idea what I was doing....or if I would even like painting. I went to one of the local craft stores to check out what was available. Actually, I had no idea. I settled on a book of heavy artist paper intended for water colors. Water colors....acrylic paints.... Close enough.

In the meantime, I checked out You Tube to see what kind of "do it yourself" videos were available. After watching a couple minutes of two or three of them, I decided they were a waste of time. The only way for me to start painting was.....To Start Painting. A scary thought.

One night I covered the dining room table with a double layer of heavy wrapping paper, laid out the paints and brushes, got a glass of hot water to rinse the bushes, got some paper towels...... and started painting. Well.... For lack of a better word, we will call it "painting". Maybe....experimenting?

I decided that my first painting would be for Fayez..... How difficult could it be to very artistically paint his initials? Indeed.... The result was something very similar to what one might expect as a first painting.....from a first grader! However, it was a start.... Gotta begin somewhere..... With that first painting completed and in the debit column, I was on my way. I am certainly not saying the paintings got any better..... But, they got more plentiful.

To be sure.... I don't care if people like my paintings. All of my paintings are done for an audience of one.....Me! If I am pleased.....then....Great. That was my goal. If, by chance, somebody else likes them.....Great! That just shows what great artistic taste they have!

Beryl Painting